Seafair Member Families


Seafair Commodores


For over 60 years, the Seafair Commodores have been serving the Seattle community as the Seafair Festival's official Goodwill Ambassadors. We are active year round representing Seattle and Seafair at festivals throughout the Northwest and British Columbia, as well as community service projects. 

  The Commodores started as a group of Seattle business leaders who came together to raise money for the festival. We continue to honor our original mission by raising money for the Seafair Foundation and Scholarship Program for Women.  

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Seafair Pirates

Every year Seattle celebrates Seafair and what would Seafair be without some pirates running loose. The Seafair Pirates helped start Seattle Seafair back in 1950. They have been raiding Seattle Seafair ever since but don’t worry it’s all for a good cause. 


Despite their bad-guy image, the Pirates make dozens of appearances annually to hospitals and nursing homes. During the height of Seattle’s SEAFAIR Celebration, they appear at several events and parades each day.

The 40+ Pirates are an elite troupe who carefully selects their members based on their ability to mix well with the public and for their unique musical or theatrical talents. The Pirates come from many professions and are tested for a year to ensure that they can deal safely and entertainingly with the public.

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Seafair Clownsl

The Seafair Clowns also take the spirit of Seafair to those who can not attend by visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and care centers throughout the Puget Sound region.  


As the Seafair festival's year-round ambassadors, the Seattle Seafair Clowns entertain thousands of people at neighborhood parades and festivals. Our support of charitable organizations is not limited to the Seattle area. The Seafair Clowns do what we can to help those in need of a little laughter throughout Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Mexico as well. 

The mission of the Seafair Clowns is to serve the community by spreading joy and laughter through charitable visits and participation in local events. During the Seafair season, they dedicate over 125 hours to appearing at local events and visiting nursing homes, hospitals, and care centers. The 65 members continue spreading happiness year-round, supporting a variety of charitable organizations throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond.

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Seafair Parade Marshals

Got a Parade, Triathlon, Fun Run, Concert The SEAFAIR Parade Marshals are your logistical experts for Parades, and many other land-based events, from Triathlons, Large Event Parking, to private traffic control.  We have events all year long and assist throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

 You can find SEAFAIR Parade Marshals of today assisting and coordinating numerous community parades, as well as producing the Torchlight Parade at SEAFAIR. 

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