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About the J-Hydro Scholarship Fund



Donations are now underway to encourage our youth learn to love and appreciate the sport of boat racing and to help keep the sport alive. These our tomorrows limited and unlimited boat racers in the making.  The scholarships are a great way for our youth to fund the building of their own boat and help supply them with the equipment needed.  We appreciate any and all contributions.

Applications are now being accepted for the second annual Seafair Boat Club J-Stock Hydro Scholarship. The winning applicant(s) will receive a complete kit to build a regulation-Stock racing outboard hydroplane, along with expert assistance from Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum volunteers to build a raceboat in the Museum workshop with their specialized tools and to prepare for competition.

Anyone meeting the following qualifications should apply for this fantastic opportunity:

· A hydroplane fan between 9 –15 years of age

· Sees their “Field of Dreams” as a roostertail of water in the rear view mirror

· Excells in turning left only

· Thrives in a CREW setting with great TEAMWORK

· Someone whose hero is Kayleigh or Brian Perkins or who wants to become the next Chip Hanauer

· Seeks priceless quality time working with family and friends to build and race a real HYDRO!

For a glimpse into the excitement of J-Stock Hydro racing, open the following YouTube link: 

Examples of donation amounts, however, any amount is greatly appreciated  

$ 25.00 GENERAL, $ 50.00 PREMIUM, $ 100.00 PURPLE, OR $ 250.00 GOLD LEVEL 

To apply or for more information, please contact Jerry Baroh, J-Hydro Chairman Seafair Boat Club @206-369-6743, email BAROH12345@GMAIL.COM

Application deadline is August 1, 2018. Award date is August 30, 2018.  The next scheduled build will begin in the Fall of 2018.