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Upcoming 2015 SBC support and Events:


The Seafair Boat Club has an upcoming Coffee stand fundraiser "Free Coffee Program" in February. Please mark it in your calendars and also follow the link below to sign-up for a volunteer shift. Start date for this fundraiser is Friday, Feb 19th at 2pm and runs until Monday, Feb 22nd at 1PM. If you cannot commit to a 4hr shift, let us know and we'll work with what time you're available. Our past Commodore Bill Myers is providing the Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Apple spice, Water and also the condiments and cups. What we ask from our volunteers is to help volunteer for one of the available shifts. We're also asking for baked goods, Homemade preferred. Some examples are: Cookies, Cupcakes, Brownies, Muffins, Rice Crispy treats and a-like items. For sanitary purposes, if possible please individually wrap each item with plastic wrap. This program is for improving the safety of highway travel.


For 40 years SBC has been supporting the Unlimited Hydros. Now it's time to groom the next generation for the sport.
I Challenge you, the members to raise funds for a scholarship to build a APBA Junior Class Hydroplane. The cost is around $900.00. The recipient, daughter, son, grandchild, nephew, niece or neighbor of the scholarship will be bebween 9 and 14 years old and will be selected by a committee based on their grades, atttude and social abilities. There will be a thermometer showing our progress through the year and if we raise more than our goal we may fund more than one.
We have one year to make this happen.
Why is going to be the biggest question we are going to hear. The building of a boat takes many skills. Math and science are the obvious ones but it goes much further than that. Social skills are developed, public speaking, trust, discipline are just some of the benefits of our sport. Wood working, painting, mechanical, engineering are some of the skills gained. This gives the youth something they can't get from a computer or X-box. Take a look at the playgrounds of today. Count the number of cell phones the kids are on. Let's give them something else to do. Building and racing a boat has them working with a mentor, parent, older brother/sister and gives them a true feeling of accomplishment. They will learn to succeed as well as have some failure. But they will learn and we will benefit
So there it is. A challenge. Send any donation to Commodore Myers or to David Dodge. Mark it as Hydro Fund. I would love to see in a couple of years a J-class heat race with our Seafair Boat Club burgee proudly displayed on every hull. Hey a Commodore can dream!

-Bill Myers


There are 214 recipes and a great variety of choices. Support your club and do some early Christmas shopping. The cookbooks sell for $10.00 in person or $12.00 by snail-mail. Please contact either Sandy Apodaca at ateam35@comcast.net or phone (206) 406-2433.


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