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Attention Seafair Boat Club Members!

Election night is coming up fast and we need you to help us run this club.  This is our 40th season and it will be a great year.  We really need you to succeed.  It’s your club.

The Seafair Boat Club Board meetings are held every 2nd Monday of the month for 11 months of the year.  The meetings last between 1 to 2 hours.  They are held downtown Seattle in the shadow of the Space Needle at the Executive Inn.  Free Parking! 

What do we need as soon as possible are resumes sent to my email, or Bob Senior []

Deadline is already here so please don’t delay.  Any questions call me at 425-334-0863 and I’ll do my best to answer your questions or help you with your resume.

The open seats are as follows.

Rear Commodore;

This is a very important role and is for a four year term.  You start out as the Rear Commodore and progress thru the Vice Commodore and then the Commodore and then the Past Commodore.  The candidate will have full support of the other flag officers as well as the Board of Directors.


This is a 2 year term and is an extremely important position for the Seafair Boat Club.  The role has many duties including taking notes from the board meetings and storing them.  This role is a tough role and requires good organizational skills.

Board of Directors;

This is a three year term and is the very body and heart of the Seafair Boat Club.  The BOD is where the true changes to the club occur.  Keeping us moving forward, bringing membership issues forward, being the voice of our members and communities.  


Full descriptions of the positions are listed in the back of the Seafair Boat Club roster.

If a full term is not for you we also have committee roles that need filling.  Contact me at the above email to fill those roles. 

Thank you all and remember that Art Oberto is right.  Have Fun!

SEAFAIR BOAT CLUB Members whom attended the 2014 ANNUAL SPRING MEMBERSHIP MEETING – FEBRUARY 22th @ the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum.


This SBC fund-raiser has been an overwhelming success so far. There are 214 recipes and a great variety of choices. Support your club and do some early Christmas shopping. We have already sold 174 books and are in the black! The cookbooks sell for $10.00 in person or $12.00 by snail-mail. Please contact either Sandy Apodaca at or phone (206) 406-2433.


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